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About Our Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Beef

Oak Cattle Farms was established in 2016, backed by 20 years of experience in handling and working with cattle. Nestled in Ayden, NC, our cattle roam over 60 acres of lush pastures. We at Oak Cattle Farms pride ourselves on raising the finest quality of grass-fed, grain-finished beef.

Our goal is to produce the highest standard of beef at affordable prices that surpass your local big-box grocery stores. Oak Cattle Farms takes great care in producing healthy cattle, as evident by the delicious taste of our grass-fed, grain-finished beef. At Oak Cattle Farms, we understand that pasture to plate is the best we can offer our families and yours.

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pasture raised, locally sourced, grain finished
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eastern nc born & raised

We are proud to raise our cattle in the region, ensuring that every cut of meat you purchase is born and raised in Eastern NC. Our cattle are pasture-raised, 100% locally sourced, and grain-finished, ensuring the highest quality and taste in every bite.

producing premium meat

Our commitment to producing premium meat extends to our practices, as we never use any growth hormones in our cattle. To further enhance the flavor, our beef is dry-aged for 10-14 days before being packaged and sold, making it some of the most delicious and tender meat you'll ever taste. Shop with confidence at Oak Cattle Farms, where you'll find the best local grass-fed, grain-finished beef from Eastern North Carolina.

A cut of meat from Oak Cattle Farms, e-commerce provider of beef for sale in NC.