Bone Box
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Bone Box

1 pack of Soup/Neck Bones (approximately 5 pounds), 1 pack of Marrow Bones (approximately 1-2 pounds), 2 packs of Knuckle Bones (approximately 1-2 pounds)

Initial Deposit:


$ 55.00 

Explore the depths of flavor and nourishment with our selection of Beef Soup Bones, Marrow Bones, and Knuckle Bones—a trio designed to add richness and depth to your culinary endeavors.

The Bone Box consists of one pack of Soup or Neck Bones, one pack of Marrow Bones, and two packs of Knuckle Bones of Oak Cattle Farm’s premium pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grain-finished black Angus Beef.  100% locally sourced, dry aged for 14 days, and never any added growth hormones or mRNA.

Beef Soup Bones: Craft hearty and flavorful broths with our Beef Soup Bones. Sourced from a variety of cuts, these bones are packed with marrow and connective tissues, releasing a rich, savory essence as they simmer. Ideal for creating a robust base for soups and stocks, our Beef Soup Bones contribute a profound depth of flavor that transforms simple recipes into culinary masterpieces.

Marrow Bones: Unlock the velvety richness of marrow with our Marrow Bones. These cylindrical delights are prized for the soft, buttery marrow nestled within. Roast or simmer them to perfection, and you'll be rewarded with a luxurious spread that elevates dishes to gourmet status. Spread the marrow over crusty bread or incorporate it into sauces to infuse your creations with a decadent, savory essence that captures the essence of indulgence.

Knuckle Bones: Bring body and thickness to your broths and stocks with our Knuckle Bones. Extracted from the joints, these bones are loaded with collagen, contributing to a luscious, gelatinous texture when cooked. Ideal for creating hearty and satisfying soups, stews, and sauces, Knuckle Bones add a comforting viscosity to your culinary creations, making every spoonful a truly satisfying experience.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook looking to enhance the depth and complexity of your dishes, our trio of Beef Soup Bones, Marrow Bones, and Knuckle Bones offer a versatile foundation for crafting nourishing and delicious meals. Embrace the essence of slow-cooked goodness and elevate your culinary repertoire with these essential components of a well-rounded kitchen.

Pickup & Delivery

Once your order is ready you will be notified to pickup your order from:

5229 Stokestown Saint John Rd,

Ayden, NC 28513.

Delivery is also available within 100 miles for an additional fee. Please contact us if you would like to setup delivery

Non-Refundable Deposit

Deposit is non-refundable and does not reflect half down. Final balance due will be based on hanging weight less your deposit. You will receive an invoice once your order is ready, once final payment is made your order will be available for pickup or delivery.

Instructions & Tips

When your order is ready, you will need to bring coolers to prevent thawing. Our meat is flash frozen which can be stored in a freezer for 18-24 months. Freezer space for a 1/4 cow is approximately 7 cubic feet, for a 1/2 cow approximately 15 cubic feet, and for a whole cow approximately 30 cubic feet. Meat is flash frozen to protect flavor, tenderness, nutrients, and freshness.


Grass-fed cows may require a longer processing time as these cows take longer to grow.